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Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance

Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance

Regular solar PV maintenance and servicing ensures the system is working at its best. An annual service also helps identify faults or energy dips, allowing you to resolve minor issues on time.

ECO GB Energy provides expert and experienced services for commercial solar panel maintenance, understanding it is a considerable investment for your business. We thoroughly clean and service the whole system to ensure it works at full efficiency, eliminating the problem of power loss. Our qualified and licenced professionals perform system checks and detailed inspections of your solar panel system.

When Do You Need Solar Panel Maintenance Services?

Some conditions demanding solar panel maintenance or repair service via specialists include:

  • Accumulated Dirt
  • Birds’ Nests Under the Panels
  • Cracked or Damaged Solar Panels
  • Fault Code Being Displayed on Inverter
  • Inappropriately Working Solar Metering
  • System Turning Off in Cloudy and Rainy Season
  • Solar PV System Cables Being Gnawed by Wildlife

We Take Care of All Components

Detailed inspections and checks are performed to analyse the system’s condition and determine the insurable damages:

  • Visual Inspection of the System
  1. Cabling
  2. Hardware
  • Visual Inspection of Panels
  • Complete Electrical Testing
  1. Fuses
  2. Strings
  3. Inverters
  4. Solar Panels
  5. AC & DC Isolators
  6. Surge Protectors
  7. DC Junction Boxes
  8. Protective Devices
  • Recommendations on Solar Panels’ Cleaning
  • Service Report
  1. System Status
  2. Remedial Works
We Take Care of All Components


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We Perform All Tests

Providing registered and cost-effective services, we perform all tests to inspect the entire solar system:

  • Fault Analysis
  • Solar Panels Inspection
  • Aerial and Handheld Thermal Imaging

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Our company aims to provide instant response to all clients to resolve their issues and address enquiries. Carrying out comprehensive inspections and performing all the maintenance checks, we ensure there are no underlying problems remaining with any of the components of your solar system.

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To determine the panels’ condition, you can check the generation metre reading. If it matches the estimated value mentioned in the handbook, then everything is working optimally. Moreover, you can look at your panels to check if there is any build-up or debris, as they can potentially compromise the functionality and power output generated by solar panels.

Some of the common issues with solar panels include red lights, tripped breakers or MCBs, damaged or broken cables, etc. These problems lead to the underperformance of solar systems because of misaligned cables or panels. Some of these issues, such as inverter faults, can be quickly resolved by resetting.

You can find the estimated annual generation figure from your MCS certificate to confirm your solar panel system is generating maximum energy by matching it with the figure displayed on the generation metre. If both values are similar, it indicates that the solar panels are working with full efficiency.

Some of the common error codes on inverters indicate the following meanings:

  • Error 509: Energy is not being fed back to the grid due to dirt or debris accumulation on the panels.
  • Error 314: It indicates current sensor calibration timeout or internal system error.

Mostly, solar panels last for 20 years if they are regularly maintained by cleaning all the dust and debris occasionally and providing enough ventilation.