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Energy prices are rising every day, making it difficult for people to manage their daily life expenses related to energy and electricity consumption. However, solar panels allow free electricity generation by utilising the sun’s heat energy, leading to reduced reliance on the national grid power.

Solar panels can be installed in domestic and commercial properties as they provide the best possible solution for a continuous electricity supply at lower costs. Hiring professional and educated installers is recommended to carry out the process of solar panel installation safely and securely.

Being the expert solar panel installers, the team at ECO GB Energy provides trusted services for solar panel installation in Essex. Our in-house professionals are well-qualified and trained, determined to help our customers save on energy bills and reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

  • Helps reduce carbon footprint.
  • Lowers your energy bills.
  • Requires lesser maintenance.
  • Ensures money guarantee.
  • Acts as a renewable energy source.
  • Lowers the negative environmental impacts.
  • Ensures safety with no electric shocks or fire risk.
  • Operates silently, providing a peaceful environment.

Moreover, the Government’s SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme allows you to sell the excess amount of electricity produced with the help of solar heat energy.

How Do We Carry Out Solar Panel Installation?

Our professional solar panel installers in Essex complete the installation process in the following steps:

  • Conduct a loft survey.
  • Asses the suitability of the roof and rafters for solar panel installation.
  • Erect the scaffolding to ensure the installation team’s safety.
  • Lift and clear the roof tiles.
  • Attach roof anchors with the rafters, which assist in holding the solar panels’ frame.
  • Attach the aluminium frame to the anchors in vertical and horizontal directions over the roof.
  • Clamp solar panels loosely to the frame.
  • Position the solar panels at an optimal angle.
  • Tighten the panels with the frame.
  • Connect the panels’ wires to an inverter.
  • Set up the inverter, which converts DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) to be utilised.
  • Switch off the electricity at the fuse box.
  • Make the final connections to the consumer unit.
  • Install the generation meter near the fuse box.
  • Switch on the electricity back.
  • Test the solar panel operation to check all the units perform as anticipated.

Energy Storage System & Solar Panels

Our solar panel company provide integrated solar panel with an energy storage system that helps enhance your solar system’s efficiency. It stores the extra energy the system generates, which can be used at night when sunlight is not present.

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We provide the best solar panel installation solutions to domestic and commercial clients. We help boost your green credentials and earn money with extra energy exported back to the power grid. We are fully accredited and approved installers, ensuring consumer safety with highly reliable products and electrical work.

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Based on the following factors, the efficiency of solar system can be determined:

  • Type of solar system
  • Quality of solar panels
  • Orientation of solar panels

You can save almost £90 to £240 per year on your electricity bills and earn £60 to £120 per year with export guarantee payments made by the government.

The cost associated with solar panel installation depends on different factors, including the quality, size, and type of the installed solar system. The complexity of the work involved also affects its cost. Generally, for a 3kW solar system, the installation cost ranges from £5,000 to £6,000.

Solar panel installation is a part of Permitted Development Rights, and you do not need to get formal planning permission before installing them.