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Solar Panel Installation in Cambridgeshire

Solar panels have seen an exponential rise in their popularity and, therefore, in their demand as well. Amidst the global efforts for a sustainable future, solar panels serve as a completely green and sustainable energy option by harnessing the biggest energy source on the planet.

However, solar panels require expert and specialised tools and techniques to be installed. ECO GB Energy has a team of certified installers and the latest technology equipment to carry out solar panel installation in Cambridgeshire. Contact us today to hire our reliable services.

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels have numerous advantages that enable them to supersede other conventional energy sources. Some of them are as follows:

Renewable Energy

Being a renewable energy source, solar energy can be harnessed indefinitely without causing any potential harm to the environment.

Green Energy

Solar power is a green energy source; it doesn’t produce harmful emissions and reduces your carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance

Other than periodic cleaning, solar PV systems have extremely low maintenance requirements and very low running costs.

Cost Savings

It reduces your energy costs and makes you self-sustainable by letting you produce your own electricity.


Solar panels have highly diverse applications. From remote areas to boats, cruise ships and satellites, they can be installed anywhere.


Solar panels are an efficient long-term investment. They can generate uninterrupted electricity for decades.


Owing to their flexible installation option, solar panels can be installed to any scale according to your energy consumption requirements.

Solar Panels Installation Cost

The cost of solar system installation in Cambridgeshire depends on multiple factors and can vary from project to project. These factors include:

  • The size of the solar system
  • Types of solar panels
  • Additional infrastructure (if required)
  • Accessibility of your location
  • Selected brand and installer

However, on average, the cost of a 4kW solar panel can be somewhere around £7,000.

Although the initial costs of a solar system installation can be higher than traditional systems, they save a lot of energy costs in the long term by making your property self-sufficient in terms of electricity. Solar panels also serve as an added attraction for potential buyers and increase the property value.

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Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation requires expert technique and specialised equipment. ECO GB Energy proudly excels on both fronts; we have a team of skilled and trained technicians and cutting-edge equipment to render us capable of taking on any project of solar PV installations in Cambridgeshire. No matter the size and nature of your project, our team is trained, experienced and equipped to handle it.

Solar Panel Repairs

If your solar system has a reduced output, or you are experiencing power surges or power failures, you may be in need of solar panel repairs. Our professionals have polished their diagnostic and fault-detection skills to perfection through vast industry experience and exposure. They can locate and fix problems in a swift yet efficient manner, ensuring you do not require repair services for a long time.

Solar Panel Maintenance

From routine maintenance to annual inspection of your solar system, our experts are readily available. Using top-of-the-line equipment and tools, they make sure your solar panel is running at its utmost capacity without any interruption. They will optimise its condition and repair any problem that can become a potential fault in the future.

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  • More than seven years of excellent industry experience.
  • Certified and experienced team of solar system installers.
  • Cutting-edge equipment to provide efficient services.
  • A one-stop shop with all solar panel services.

From domestic properties to commercial, industrial and beyond, our company is well equipped to offer its services for solar panel installation in Cambridgeshire. Contact us through a phone call or email and take a leap towards a sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though solar panels are self-cleaning during rain due to their pitch angle, for persistent stains such as birds’ droppings, you can use a cleaning spray and wipe them with a clean cloth.

Solar panels require very little servicing because they don’t have complex mechanical components. However, it is recommended to carry out periodic inspections to ensure their optimum functioning.

Three types of solar panels are being used:

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • Thin-Film Solar Panels