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Solar Panel Installation in Hertfordshire

Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular choice for individuals due to rising prices of electricity every day. Solar panels are a great investment for homes and businesses as they significantly cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprints, contributing to a safer and greener future. Their installation requires specialised expertise; thus, you’ll need to hire professionals to handle the job.

ECO GB Energy is the leading company providing premium services of solar panel installation in Chingford. Whether you want to set up a solar panel system or upgrade your existing one, you can contact our experts for the details.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Our solar PV installations in Chingford come with the following benefits:

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: Solar power system uses sunlight to generate carbon-free electricity, which reduces your carbon footprint and makes it an environmentally friendly option.

Cutting Your Electricity Costs: The solar energy system produces electricity that is totally free to use, so there will be a significant fall in your energy bills.

Reducing Your Dependence on Electricity Suppliers: A solar system installation reduces your reliance on the grid, saving you from the burden of rising electricity costs.

Increased Property Value: Solar system makes a home more appealing to potential buyers. Many willingly pay a premium amount for such a property.

Operates in Different Climates: Suitable for a variety of climates, a solar power system can even produce enough power to support an average-sized house in winter.    

Low Maintenance: Solar panel systems come without any moving parts, so they require minimal maintenance. All they need is a thorough cleaning after a couple of months.


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Key Components of a Solar Panel

  • Solar Cells: Building blocks of solar PV systems, which combine to form a solar panel.
  • Solar Glass: The outer shiny and sturdy layer of the solar panels.
  • EVA: A transparent layer covering the solar cells.
  • Back Sheet: The rear-most covering of the solar panel, which provides insulation and protection.
  • Aluminum Frame: Frame that gives structural strength to the panel.
  • Junction Box: The point which connects cables with the solar panels.
  • Interconnector: Connects solar panels with each other.
  • Silicon Glue: The most prevalent semiconctor, it is the adhesive commonly used in solar panels.

Solar Panels Cost

The cost of solar panels depends on some factors:

  • Size of the System: There are a variety of solar panel sizes for different houses and their energy consumption demands, which impact the costs.
  • Panels Type: Solar panels come in different types, such as thin-film, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline, which have different prices.
  • Installation Process: Depending on the expertise of the solar panel installer, the price may vary.
  • Labour Cost and Location: The labour cost of installing a solar panel system is also impacted by your location.

To give you an estimated amount, the solar panel system may cost around £5000-£11000. Contact our team for a precise cost idea for your solar system installation in Chingford.

Take a Step Towards Greener Future

Harnessing the power of the sun and converting it into a usable form of energy, we provide you with a renewable source that meets your electricity needs and reduces your energy costs.   

Connect with our experts to discuss all your needs for solar panel Installation in Chingford!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, installing an average-sized solar panel system requires a roof space of around 1.44m2.

Solar panel systems work at their maximum potential in direct and constant sunlight, but they generate sufficient power in cloudy weather.

The average lifespan of solar panels is around 25-30 years.

The time taken for solar panel installation depends on the size of the system. Generally, smaller jobs can be completed within a day, while larger ones may take more time.