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Electrical Testing and Certification services

Electrical testing is there to ensure that that the electrical installation sufficiently meets regulatory standards, this would be to ensure people or companies avoid regulatory penalties. This will be given out for various different reasons like To ensure several different aspects of the electrical system is safe you will sometimes have to undertake electrical testing on an installation. noncompliance, negligence and unsafe work environments.

The major security risks that can be avoided by electrical testing to protect the buildings and assets are fire and electric shocks. Over the time, after installation, it is often seen that the efficiency of the electrical appliances gets deteriorated due to overloading of the technical systems.

However, undergoing the electrical testing and obtaining electrical test certificate at regular intervals ensures that all the possible potential risks are identified early, and preventative action can be taken according to their potential consequences.

Electrical Installation and Testing ECO GB

organisations such as insurance companies place an obligation on their clients to carry out periodic electrical testing on their insured premises. In case it is not completed within the timeline, the insurance policy becomes invalid.

Whether you are running a factory, a warehouse, a pub, club, restaurant, cinema, dentist, or playgroup, you will be using electricity and if you are using electricity, it is important to get regular maintenance and testing. For electrical surveys and testing throughout London and the Southeast, call our team today.

ECO GB Energy Services is a specialist supplier of electrical contracting and total electrical compliance services to the industrial, commercial and domestic market. As a NICEIC and ECA approved contractor, we can guarantee that all work conducted will be done to the highest industry standards.

All our electricians are qualified to the highest standards and work in accordance with guidelines from the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE). They turn up on time and in the correct uniform. We always wear correct PPE ready to carry out your electrical works safely.

Our Diverse Range of Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic Electrical Contracting Services Include:

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