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Fix any issues identified in an EICR to achieve electrical compliance

After a fixed wire or periodic test you will have received an electrical installation condition report (EICR). If this report contained any C1 or C2 codes, or further investigation recommendations your installation has a high level of risk or danger to employees or customers.

You will need to appoint a suitably qualified contractor, such as ECO GB Energy Services, immediately to complete the remedial electrical work required to resolve these issues, to receive a satisfactory report. Until the remedial electrical work is completed, your installation is not compliant with health & safety legislation.

If your EICR report contained any C3 codes, these are advisory and do not legally require remedial action, however, it has been identified that part of your electrical installation is no longer up to the required standard and remedial action is recommended.

What Happens after the Remedial Work is Completed

Following completion of remedial work, Intersafe will provide you with the required certification detailing what works have been completed for the areas affected. This should be kept with EICR to provide evidence of electrical compliance.

You will not need a complete re-test of the entire installation.

Defects & Observations are Categorised as;

• C1 means ‘danger present’. Immediate remedial action must be taken to avoid risk of injury • C2 means ‘potentially dangerous. You will be advised to take remedial action to make good your electrical installation • C3 means ‘improvement recommended’. You’ll be advised that less urgent remedial repair is required in this situation • FI means ‘further investigation’ and you should take immediate advice from a qualified electrical engineer.

Defects involving C1, C2 or FI codes require the responsible person – the property manager or owner – to take immediate action. You must do this to ensure that your workplace is safe, fit for purpose, and compliant with UK health and safety legislation.

ECO GB Energy Services installations team will complete all defect repair requirements with minimum disruption to your business. We are fully accredited by the NAPIT as Approved Contractor.

Our electrical remedial engineers are fully qualified to C&G 2360 Parts 1 & 2, C&G 2391/2394 & 2395 combined, BS 7671 18th edition, IPAF

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