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ECO GB energy is a well-established company with over 7 years of experience designing, supplying, and installing solar panels. We offer efficient electrical installations, electrical testing, and remedial services.

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Solar Panel Installers

Solar Panel Installation

A solar panel installation is a contemporary, economical and eco-friendly way of getting useful energy. Solar panels utilise solar light and convert it into clean and readily available energy. And the benefits of solar installation do not end here.

You can sell your surplus power to the national grid and generate income. Briefly, solar panel installation is beneficial in financial and environmental terms.

ECO GB Energy is a trusted provider of solar panel installation services in the UK. Our installers are well-equipped, knowledgeable and proficient in all kinds of domestic and commercial installations. Connect with us and ensure a reliable and smart energy-producing system for your needs.

Solar Panel Installation Service ECO GB

Avail Several Advantages

A solar panel installation is worth it for various reasons:

Reduced Electricity Bills: Solar panel installation helps you generate your own economical electricity, reducing your dependence on government-funded electricity and ultimately reducing your energy bills.

Generates More Revenue: Solar panels not only fulfil your energy requirements but also produce surplus energy that you can sell to the National Grid.

Continuous Availability of Energy: With perfect installations, you do not need to worry about power shortages and can carry out your tasks without any halt.

Added Property Value: Solar panel installation at your property uplifts its monetary value.

Clean and Affordable Energy: Having solar systems installed at your commercial setups allows you to produce clean energy and play your part in environmental safety.

Compliance with the Regulations: Installing solar panels keeps you compliant with environmental regulations and saves you from any legal penalties.

Solar Panel Installers

Perfect Installation for Maximum Energy

We at ECO GB Energy tackle each project with dedication, enabling our clients to generate the maximum power output through our meticulous installations.

  • In the first stage, we will visit your site and evaluate the property dimensions, such as the height, and direction of the UV light.
  • Following this, our expert solar panel installers devise a feasible plan and discuss it with you.
  • Finally, we carry out solar PV installation at the required height and optimum angle to get maximum power from the installation.

Premium Service at Affordable Costs

Quality and customer convenience are the basic pillars of our company policies. We provide our standard solar installation services to our domestic and commercial clients at affordable costs. Get connected with us and enjoy smart installations at reasonable rates.


Solar panels are economical in many ways:

  • The power output from solar panels is inexpensive.
  • Solar systems do not need maintenance and save your maintenance costs.
  • Excess power produced by the solar panels can be sold to the government.
  • The government sponsors solar panel installations, and this saves you installation expenses.
  • Solar panels are durable, and hence, they save you frequent replacement costs.

The expected life span of solar panels is around 25-30 years.

The expected cost of installing solar panels is around £2,000 – £18,000. However, for an accurate cost estimate, connect with our executives.

The cost of installing solar panels depends on:

  • The height of the installation.
  • Labour involved.
  • Type of property.
  • Your location.

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Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint and promote a healthier and cleaner environment. We believe that when it comes to electrical and solar installations, quality should never be compromised. Thus, we are here to handle every project with careful attention, ensuring precision and accuracy.